Why Exhibit at The Country Brocante Fair?

The Country Brocante has an exceptional reputation for delivering long-lasting customers to your business. We are renowned for creating the most beautiful shows in Sussex and the Cotswolds! We welcome over 20k visitors to our shows each year and our visitors are passionate about seeking out unique and one-off pieces for their homes and gardens and they know that they will find these at The Country Brocante. 

In Good Company

We take pride in our selection and curation processes at The Country Brocante Fair, this means that you will be seen in only the best company and you can rest assured that your fellow exhibitors will be selling only the most beautiful or creative products. We make sure we talk you through the application process so you understand why you have been selected to exhibit. If you are a first-time exhibitor we hold your hand throughout the application and booking system so you have confidence in joining the show,

We have seen hundreds of businesses grow and flourish at The Country Brocante, it is the perfect place to test your business, grow and develop products and meet long-lasting customers.


We have over 60K engaged followers across our social media platforms and an ever growing mailing list. Participating in our show connects you with our following and there are further oppournitues to be seen in our show guide and our mail shots.


We choose only the most beautiful venues for our events, working with Daylesford Organic Farm, Roundhill Grange, The Grange Hampshire, Petworth park and the Cowdray Estate.

We host in Sussex, Cotswolds, Somerset and Hampshire.


 Passion and vision is at the heart of our events, we live how we work and you can feel that the moment you walk into our events. An acorn of an idea started nearly 15 years ago is now a leading interiors and lifestyle event

With over 12 years event management and a team with backgrounds in design,retail and event management we know the business of shopping inside out. We have a contact book to boast about, with editors, styists, buyers and influencers who all attend via private invite alongside our keen shoppers.
We extensively market each show via national interior magazines, links with our sponsors and via our social media platforms. We make absolutely sure we get the right visitors to the show.

Why was my application turned down?

We curate the show carefully to ensure a really high standard. We endeavour to keep each area of the show fresh and do not like to dilute with too many similar stands, so if we already have someone offering a similar product or design we like to make sure that person gets the most from our event. If you have been successful in your application we will let you know as soon as possible. If we don’t feel you are right for the show or are over subscribed we will let you know about future events where possible.

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