Great British Brands

We are excited to showcase an exclusive edit of our favourite Great British Brands. Independent british companies with deeply held core values that are in harmony with our own.

At the Country Brocante we have long championed traditional methods and attention to detail. We value honest, natural materials and fine craftsmanship. We believe this ethos encompasses our love for both the beautiful antique and vintage offerings our fairs are known for and the exquisite handmade offerings from our skilled artisans and makers.

We are excited to bring you a collection of British Brands we love! Independent family founded businesses, striving to keep traditional craftsmanship, natural materials, sustainability… and their love of what they do, at the heart of everything they do.

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Partners & Sponsors

The Country Brocante Fair is a leading independent interiors and lifestyle event, with over 12 years experience of live event management. Currently, we host three large seasonal fairs each year as well as several smaller capsule experiences, all held at luxury locations in the UK. The Country Brocante Fairs encompass all aspects of decorative country life for the home and garden, providing a platform for Great British Brands, beautifully curated Antiques and Vintage businesses, outside-living brands, work of hand artisans and local & seasonal crafts people.


The focus is on country living, inspiring our visitors to envision and create their dream life in the country, be that in a tiny cottage, a relocation property or perhaps a weekend country house for mid-week city dwellers. Our magical mix of small artisan businesses, entrepreneurs and larger independent British Brands is a unique curation of retail and immersive experiences which offers a totally unique event for our visitors, exhibitors, sponsors and partners.


Each exhibitor is chosen for their unique products and services, the curation of the show is carefully managed in-house by our creative team.  We feature approximately 120 - 150 exhibitors at our large fairs, with a small number of exclusive areas available to Great British Brands. We keep our offering extremely niche, competitive, and selective.

We pride ourselves on providing our visitors with a seasonal capsule edit of everything beautiful for a country lifestyle, from interiors and design, plants, flowers and gardenalia, clothes and homeware as well as country hobbies and crafts.

We place an important emphasis on sustainability, with a large number of antique and vintage exhibitors showcasing how to incorporate old and beautifully timeworn items into your home, through to the operation of our show, keeping all aspects of the show build as sustainable as possible.  We prioritise working with businesses with whom we share an ethos for sustainability and ethical practice

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